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Thursday, October 16

Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen)

An amazing thing happened to me the other day...I was running at the park, and a lady came up to me and told me about how she had changed her life....because of ME!  It was a little strange.

A few years ago, I worked for a company that sold cookware.  At sales meetings, I would not be incorrect in saying that I was, by far, the smallest person in the room.  The food at these meetings was always rich and very unhealthy, and whenever it was my turn to bring snacks, I usually brought in fruit or a salad.  (Confession : This was partly because that stuff is easy.)
It was during this time that I was also training for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  I had no qualms about showing up in (decent) running clothes, ready to run after the meeting.  These were very informal meetings, and I knew the kids were safe in someone else's care for the afternoon.  When asked, I was happy to say that I was going running afterwards, and was training to earn my Tiffany necklace at the end of the marathon.  Also, hopefully, a spot at the Boston Marathon!
Apparently, my enthusiasm wore off.  This lady was not the first, but rather the latest in a string of ladies, to tell me that they had decided to start exercising after being around me at these meetings.  Many of them are walkers, but many of them are also older ladies.  One of the younger ones has become a marathon runner herself!  
What's more, I can tick off several folks from college that began running with me.  Granted, they're mostly boys that began running because that's what I did in my spare time.....boys are silly, and they will do anything to spend time with someone that interests them.  Silly boys.  A quick cyber-search (you can find anything online!) reveals that most of them are still runners today.  A few are cyclists or swimmers, but they're still active...and they were not active 'before.' 
It's amazing, isn't it?  I didn't set out to recruit athletes, and I never dreamed of promoting running as a lifestyle.  I was simply living my life, doing my regular old day-to-day -- but I was enthusiastic, and that joy showed!  We tend to have the greatest impact on others when we're not trying, just by being ourselves.
Without these few ladies taking the time to let me know about their lifestyle change, I would never have known.  Without the internet (still a little much is just 'out there'), I would have no idea that people from 15-20 years ago were still maintaining those lifestyle changes.  I'd like to think that it's a healthy lifestyle changed that's impacted them all positively.**
How do you want to live your life?  Which of your actions impact those around you positively, and negatively? 
**Note :  I also have lots of actions that impact those around me negatively, and I'm not so proud of.  No saints here....don't even play one on TV.**

See these ugly old feet?  If I can run on them, day in and day out, then YOU can run, too!!!  Lace up and get outside.  And be happy that your feet are normal, and aren't capable of performing funky party tricks.....

Speaking of keeping the joy and enthusiasm in running, I found these oh-so-cute Rundies!  They're a bit out of my price range, but if any family members are reading this....well, Christmas is coming up!  Hint hint!  Don't they just look like FUN!?!?  I'm thinking my sister needs some as well...
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