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Thursday, August 7

Secondhand News (Fleetwood Mac)

If you saw my post on Money Saving Mom, then you know I'm a believer in garage sales - GO GREEN!  (Go cheap...go this case, it works out the same.)  Each year, our local town sponsors a city-wide garage sale in honor of my birthday!  Ok, not really, but it does coincide nicely...  Anywhere from 70-100 garage sales take place within two square miles.
This year, we accepted the challenge!  For the first time, we hit every. single. sale....including four or five that weren't advertised.  My goal?  Christmas presents, mostly.  We have been in the market for a sofa, but my expectations here were low.  My mother-in-law and I made a plan, then hit the ground running at 6:30 AM and didn't make it home until just after lunch.   
Many of the streets were so congested, that it was easier to just park and walk to ten or twelve sites before driving to another spot.

We took the opportunity to catch up with neighbors...enjoying both the company and a moment of shade!  We filled the car long before running out of money (and I only brought $50 total for the day).  This is what our plan looked like by the end of the morning.
So what can you score for $34 on city-wide garage sale day???  Here are some photos of the piles...
Our treasures included :
  • several books for mom
  • several books for the boys
  • a box of Legos, Lego building plates, & container (Christmas)
  • Pampered Chef casserole stoneware (Christmas)
  • several homeschool workbooks & curricula (all unused)
  • several books from my friend's wishlist for her new curriculum
  • art supplies & poster board
  • Top Gun Blu-ray (Christmas)
  • wooden building toys (Christmas)
  • glass, gallon-sized jug for making kombucha
  • pants, shorts, and jeans for my youngest
  • two cute dresses for myself
  • Air Force scarves with little airplanes (for my little pilot) (Christmas)
  • a new & in-the-box blender and food processor (Christmas)
  • vintage travel pennants, like the kind my son uses to decorate his room
  • a large floor rug with new, in-the-bag non-skid pad to go underneath
  • a yoga mat, DVD, and set of yoga cards (Christmas)
  • ...and an elliptical trainer
  • no luck on the sofa 
I think it's important for kids to learn money management and about spending wisely.  I would rather have my children make $5 mistakes than $50,000 mistakes.  Garage sales are one of the ways that I try to reinforce these concepts.
The boys each started out with $3 to spend, and were allowed to choose whatever they wanted.  Any leftover would go into the Sea Cow fund.  The ground rules were that when the money ran out, they couldn't get anything else, and they had to use their manners and treat others as they would want to be treated.
One picked out 3-D puzzles of a lighthouse and St. Basil's Cathedral.  They were marked at $2, but he negotiated down to fifty cents, since the lady wasn't sure if all of the pieces were there.  He decided to apply the other $2.50 to his Lego fund. 

The other chose a Victrola-shaped pencil sharpener and a non-functional CD radio.  The Victrola was marked a quarter and the radio at $5, but he explained his plight to the seller and she allowed him to have it for $2.75. 

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