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Tuesday, August 5

Bella's Birthday Cake (Five for Fighting)


We've reached the end of our summer celebrations....Day 1 - Anniversary, Day 8 - son's birthday, Day 15 - mom's birthday.  What's the difference between turning 10 and turning 27...again?  Quite a bit, actually.

For my son's birthday, he put a lot of thought into what "theme" he wanted for his party.  The party should have as many of his closest friends as we could scrounge up in the middle of summer, and needed a cake, ice cream, presents, fun & games, etc etc etc.  He picked out the Lego Revolutionary War as his theme (strange child, yes, I know). 
His friends came over, and we watched the Lego movie, played Legos, played outside, and ate lunch.  They stayed for nearly six hours, but it was a nice chance for me to hang out with the moms.  We did our nails and caught up while hubby took the boys outside to play water games (it's super hot).  All of his presents were art-themed or cash for his much-desired Lego Sea Cow.   It was a good day.
The following day, he spent the entire day playing with his presents.  I picked up this easel and some canvases for a song at an estate sale we happened to pass on the way home the day before his party.  Since we'd been so busy that we forgot to buy a present, it was kismet!
Fast forward one week, to when mom turned 27......again.  If you believe that I'm really 27, thank you.  Thank you very much!  Now, I have this oceanfront property here in Oklahoma....
Hubby couldn't find the 7, so he made me 25 this year.

We went out for a nice family dinner, and then to see a movie at the theater.  We also went shopping at Lowe's because, honestly, it's not date night without a trip to Lowe's.  Does anyone else have this predicament?
At ten, it was all about his image and his friends.  At a slightly older age, it's all about spending time with those that you love the most.  I've been told that at an even older age than that, it's about being grateful that you've lived to experience another year....and my grandmother told me once that each day that she woke up was a good day.

How will you celebrate your gift of life this year?
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