Wednesday, August 6

Walk on the Ocean (Toad the Wet Sprocket)

We re-visited Blackbeard (one of their favorite ocean topics) while bridging into another aspect of the ocean...marine biology.  During this second Blackbeard study, we searched for buried treasure and re-enacted the downfall of Blackbeard by the British Naval officer, Robert Maynard.  See...those Revolutionary War costumes are still useful!
Blackbeard rose again, however, to begin reading to Maynard about Shipwrecks and sunken treasures.  We learned about underwater archaeology and how artifacts are affected by where they sink.  (See video below)
Once we got piracy out of our systems, we switched gears to marine biology.  For this unit, we read Seabird, Pagoo , and Magic School Bus - Food Chain Frenzy.  We completed their respective lapbooks and made lots of ocean art!
My older son created a food chain for both land and sea.  I particularly liked the double-arrow, where the humans eat the sharks...and the sharks eat the humans.
Here is the underwater archaeology video about resurrecting the Queen Anne's Revenge. 
Marine Biology unit :
My airplane lover discovered in one of his books that there is a light craft called the Seabird.  Here is a video we looked up to learn more about that plane.  It has great visuals!