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Monday, July 14

The Boys are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy)

Time for the Stay-Cation...
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After three weeks in New England, it was time to check in and see how high the grass has gotten!  We hit the road, passing through several tunnels in western Pennsylvania.
Somewhere in West Virginia, a big ol' thunderstorm greeted us.  It was a nasty bugger, but we made it through safely.  On the other side, we passed this cool castle!
Late the second day, we made it home...just in time to get a garden pick in before bed.  (It was good to stretch our legs anyway.)  Can you believe how much the pumpkin vines have overtaken the garden?!?!  When we left, they were just beginning to grow.  We won't talk about how high the grass is (shhh....nearly four feet in the front field!).
We shipped the boys off to their space-themed Cub Scout day camp and proceeded to take care of the lawn & garden, clean up my little hoarder's room (had to take a pic, so we'd remember what the floor looked like), pay bills, appointments, and everything else otherwise-neglected.  A couple of weeks home, and then we're off to middle-America!
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