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Tuesday, June 24

Simple Man (Lynryd Skynyrd)

We've landed in a simpler way of life, a town that seems paused in time... 
Resources for the Simpler Life :
For our first lunch in town, we headed out to a nicer restaurant.  It's been a week on the road, and we wanted something a bit nicer.  Heading out to Claremont, NH, we took a drive down Lover's Lane.
We landed at the Common Man Inn, but it was extraordinary!  The view was incredible, with waterfalls crashing just outside the building.  In some areas, the floor is made of glass, and you can see the water rushing over the rocks beneath your feet.  Very relaxing.
Inside, they serve unique dishes that everyone agreed were delicious.  I split the Portsmouth Pie with my son, which was more than plenty for the two of us.  Growing up near the coasts, my husband and I take every opportunity to enjoy good, fresh seafood!  Also, when they say that the herbs are locally-grown, they mean right out on the back patio.  We stumbled upon the kitchen's herb garden just outside the inn.  How's that for local?
Hubby headed out for a meeting, and the kids and I decided to explore the area.  We crossed the state line into Weston, Vermont, and visited the Vermont Country Store.  Yes, it's touristy, but it's full of cute, vintage-inspired souvenirs.  Also, it's full of samples, and the kids were (surprisingly) still hungry!
With a bag full of locally-produced goodies, we headed to the next town over, Grafton, to see how cheese was made in a factory setting.  The Grafton Village Cheese Company does free tours throughout the day.
After the tour, you can visit their shop and sample cheeses, jams, and scones to your heart's content.  Now, you wouldn't think the boys would still be hungry, but I'm pretty sure they sampled everything offered! 
Our last stop of the day, before heading to the hotel for schoolwork, was the Nature Museum at Grafton.  The museum is free, and based out of a renovated, historic home. 
The museum keeps a colony of honeybees, and has a hands-on exhibit for the kids to 'become' beekeepers.  They learn the importance of bees, and can take care of the colony.
Inside, you'll find features on the local wildlife and fossils found in the area.  The kids can dress up as animals, crawl through a cave and go mining for gems, and see which raptor they are most like.
 The 'tree' room has a feature on cones, from the local conifers.  My favorite was the Sacchadentus!
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