Sunday, June 22

Ice Cream Man (Van Halen)

Driving through Northern Vermont, we found the mother ship....Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory!  Did you know that they have 45 flavors and 33 retired flavors?  That's a lot of taste-testing, but we were up to the challenge.
After taking the factory tour to see the production line and learn about how they make their secret-formula ice creams, we headed into the tasting room.  (No photos are allowed in the touring area.)  The Flavor Lab doubles as the tasting room, and they occasionally try out new flavors on unsuspecting tour groups.  Broccoli & Cheddar.....hmmmm.
Ok - they actually gave us a minty-chocolately sorbet to try, which was pretty tasty.  We headed out for the nature walk to visit all of the iconic Ben & Jerry's images.
Finally, we wrapped up this stop with a trip to the flavor graveyard, where retired flavors are buried.  I always wondered what happened to my favorite flavor from younger I know!  Some of the flavors buried here was so absurd, it was hard to imagine how they were created in the first place.
While I don't have any great unit study resources for a trip to the ice cream factory, I do recommend a double dose of PE afterwards! 

Ice Cream Unit Study

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