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Friday, May 9

Oklahoma! (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

As we approached the anniversary of the Oklahoma Land Run (April 22, 1889), we spent a few weeks at home learning about Oklahoma state history.  This was a bit like the blind leading the blind in our family, as neither my husband nor myself grew up here.   

We culminated our studies with a co-op trip to the Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City.  Here, the kids learned about life in the 19th century and homesteading, and they re-enacted the Land Run.  I was surprised at the strategizing! 

One worked with a friend to capture side-by-side plots covered in trees and a river.  The other took a nearby plot with a tree.  When asked about the choice, I received this reply : "Well, I have trees to build a house and barn, and my brother has water.  I'm sure he'll share with me." 

Once they were settled, it was time to start tackling everyday chores and schoolwork.



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