Monday, May 5

When the Ship Comes In (Chieftans)

The trip to Maryland started out with a bang, literally, as we spent the night before leaving in the emergency room getting the little one stitched up from accidentally taking a baseball bat to the head!!  We made a great impression on the town's new doctor... 

Our travels were based from Odenton, where the kids' aunt & uncle were stationed, but we spent most of the time in either Baltimore (the kids were VERY into pirates at this point, and their aunt found a fabulous adventure!) or Annapolis.

In Annapolis, we visited the US Naval Academy and toured Historic Annapolis.
In Baltimore, we spent an entire afternoon aboard a pirate ship captained by the Urban Pirates.
Feeling 'beachy,' we headed to the Chesapeake Bay for a picnic and afternoon of surf.  Find a parking spot, and you've got yourself an afternoon of free fun.


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