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Friday, May 30

I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits)

Healthy eating on the road can be very tricky!  It's so easy to fall into the trap of fast food and convenience foods, especially on long travel days, when your only stops are at the gas station or to pick up a quick bite.

If you have a cooler, pack it with washed grapes, carrot sticks, apple slices, or any other fruit & vegetable finger foods your family will eat for snacks.  We typically throw whatever's in the fridge into the cooler as well - any lunchmeat, veggies, string cheese, etc that we can use up for lunches.

It's almost impossible to travel with a pack of hungry boys and NOT have snacks on-hand in the car, but we buy these ahead of time, and try to stick to the shopper's guide for avoiding genetically-modified foods.  If you're not tuned into GMOs yet, you'll be very surprised to see the percentage of your food that is affected...  (These are some of my favorite anti-GMO cartoons that have popped up over Facebook recently.)
The Eat Well online guide helps to find local, sustainable, and organic food wherever you go.  Some areas will have considerably more options, but it never hurts to check!  And should you happen upon a local Farmer's Market, here is a unit study (free) to keep the kids busy while you put away your goodies.
Often, we are unable to find such places, so we hit the a local store to pick up kitchen basics upon our arrival.  By eating breakfast at the hotel and packing lunches each day, we are able to save quite a bit on eating out - and we know (mostly) what's going into our meals.  Your cooler is a great asset...get some ice from the hotel and put it to work.

One corner of our cooler is dedicated to mom's kefir and tonics.  A friend teaches classes on herbalism and creating your own tonics, and in a future post, I will be sharing her wisdom.  Just remember to that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat real food - if your great-grandmother wouldn't have recognized it, then don't eat it!
Our family doesn't ascribe to any particular diet, but several friends swear by the Acid-Alkaline Diet as a way to maintain health through your body's pH balance.  We are considering trying it as a way to combat allergies, but it will take extra planning to follow the diet on the road.  Do you have travel experience with this diet?  If so, we'd love to hear from you!
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